Residential Carpet Cleaning Services

As you may know your carpet is a very important part of your home, comfort and your health. We spend many days of our lives in our homes and apartments. We walk on the carpet and breath air in the room. But, not too many people realize that most of the air germs that are in a room, come from air duct and the carpet itself. All the dust and dirt and other small particles find a safe refuge in the lowest parts of the carpet where the ordinary home vacuum has no excess to.
This is where the Bewise Master comes in. With our truck mount vacuum machine we will come into your house, and use the best in industry standard of cleaning known today, “Hot Water Extraction” also known as “Steam Cleaning”. In this process your carpet is getting the best treatment that is recommended by the manufacturer.
The Hot Water Extraction Process

The carpet is first pre-sprayed with cleaning solution, then it’s groomed with a special carpet rake; and then rinsed thoroughly while being extracted via a carpet tool, connected to the hose and the mount itself. In this process, the deep parts of the carpet are cleaned out, all of the dirt is extracted, and carpet is left fresh and clean.
After our trained technicians finish the carpet cleaning at your home, you will be satisfied and sure that it was a wise choice and great service.

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